Monday, October 20, 2014

Surrendered Beauty

I've recently expanded my sales to Etsy!  You can check out my new store.  I feel like its a new adventure trying to figure out how to market your art in the internet!
How did I sell my art in Canada?
I would hang 8-12 paintings in high quality retail locations in Vancouver.  I did very well and by the third year I hardly needed to display in stores I had such a great referral system!  Then I moved!
So here in Scottsdale there was an overwhelming number of ways to sell my art but all were out of the question because they would have divided my time so I would have had to be away from my very young children.  That was not going to work.  So I decided to try selling on DailyPaintworks!  And since day one I have been so happy I did!  It has been such an amazing blessing to be  
able to do this.  So I'm very glad for unseen opportunities and new directions.
And I can hardly believe I'm saying this but it's a real online community!:)
Thanks for all your support!

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